Top 3 Fashion Tips To Make His Head Spin

So, you’ve got a new man in your life thanks to your little local dating endeavor and you can’t wait to see how this story unfolds, and since you’re not the type to just sit around and wait for stuff to happen, you want to take matters into your own heads and give him just a little push in the right direction. What better way for a girl to make a cute guy’s head spin than by dressing to impress.

Mind you, you’d not only be choosing your outfit based on the occasion, but you also want to take into account the message you’re sending, and the kind of response you’re hoping to get. Today, we suggest the top 3 choices for playing the cute girl-next-door part that guys just can’t get enough of.

1.     Effortlessly Sexy

There is nothing sexier to a guy than a girl with her hair up wearing his t-shirt the morning after. But before you get to the ‘morning after’ stage, you still have some wrapping around your little finger to do. Kudos to all the bombshells that are every guy’s fantasy, but when it comes to reality most guys can’t resist a cutie, hence the up-do and a t-shirt.

We’re not saying you should go out with him wearing your baggy clothes paired with messy hair, but keep this image in mind when choosing what to wear. First off, it needs to be effortlessly sexy, and that means no heels you can’t walk in, tight skirts you’d be pulling down all night or hair that would make you fidget.

Choose an outfit you’ve got so many compliments on before even if it’s just jeans and a top that accentuates your slim figure. Style your hair so that it doesn’t ‘betray you’, and stays the way you want it for hours, and do natural-looking makeup. You’ve dolled up and you’ll feel sexy, but you won’t come off as trying too hard.


2.     Dresses Turn Heads

There is not a single item of clothing that is more romantic or sexier for that matter than a dress. From a sundress to the little black number, you show how much you care for your man by wearing a dress for him.

It’s sensual, girly, and adorable all at the same time, and it makes you act more composed and tactful. If you’re feeling sexy, pair your dress with comfortable heels and a sleek, high ponytail or if you want to play it cute, stick to wavy hair and a few accessories. Go for silky and flowy fabrics for daytime and more structures shapes and sexier black or white numbers for the evening.


3.     Have Your Own Style

Whatever you do, don’t go through his Facebook or Instagram searching for his ex-girlfriends or crushes, and what they looked and dressed like. Be yourself and let your personality shine through your outfit.

Although 9 out of 10 boys say high heels are much sexier than flat shoes, at the end of the day it’s not what you wear but how you wear it. The single sexiest and cutest thing you can put on is your confidence, and no matter how hot he is or even if you’re not sure if he likes you there is no denying the fact that loving life and being confident is what makes boys eat out of the palm of your hand.