Top 3 Fashion Items Girls Can’t Resist

There is no denying the fact that most girls are suckers for bad boys, and the rugged handsomeness without ever trying too hard that so many bikers possess is simply irresistible. We’re not here to talk about long greasy hair or jeans washed three months ago because let’s face it, that is one heck of a turn-off. However, not all bikers are smelly, messy boys, and some of them know very well what girls fall for, but it doesn’t hurt to review it, especially for single bikers who’ve got their eyes on a new crush. Below you’ll find our top 3 tips for dressing to get on a girl’s good side so she doesn’t even know what hit her. Even though some bikers won’t be happy with all of our choices, rest assured that most girls out there are!



1.     Laid-back T-Shirt

Not all t-shirts are made the same, and unless carefully guided by a woman most bikers will wear the same piece to ‘see-throughness’. Notwithstanding the fact that t-shirts can take lots of tear and wear, getting one or two new ones per season never hurt anyone. Boys, get it through those pretty little heads of yours – girls love laid-back t-shirts on you, especially if paired with casual denim and an irresistible smile.

If you’ve got dark hair and dark eyes, embrace wearing black and don’t even worry about mixing it up a little. If you’ve got lighter skin and eyes, the blues and the greens will make the girls’ heads spin.


2.     Casual Denim

Speaking of sexy style, keep it simple and stick to casual denim every time you don’t know what to wear. Not only will you be comfortable and confident enough to sweep girls off their feet, but you’ll also look like you know what you’re doing in the fashion department.

Distressed jeans can be sexy too, especially if you wear them with a light-colored t-shirt or casual button-down shirt, but unless you’re 100{000509151098de70187cc99b3e7e7de9d1b249425ab2738ff3f9825398a9752f} sure you can pull off this look, stick to darker Levi’s and don’t worry about a thing. The most important thing is that you feel like yourself and that your clothes allow your personality to shine through.


3.     Suits

This might come as a surprise to you, but in our eyes suits are pretty much the equivalent of sexy lingerie in yours. Not only do they signify power, but they also signify maturity and the fact that you can take care of your woman.

Granted, not too many bikers will be happy with the idea of wearing a suit, and if you’re not yet sold on the idea, you should definitely give it a try. Next time you’re at a party that is not down at the biker’s diner, wear a dark suit with dressy leather shoes and see how many girls react totally different when you talk to them. It’s one thing to dress for your own comfort and to feel sexy, but it’s something entirely different to dress to impress girls.