Parents’ Influence in Learning Music on Child Development

A child’s interest in music will be more developed when there is support from his parents. Various ways can be done such as by providing support in morale and material. Nowadays, there are so many communities such Sing For Hope that give you a variety of musical activities like street pianos. Whereas it provides an opportunity for everyone to play piano in the public space. Musical activities that you and your children join in, is an effective trigger in attracting children to music. Where the parents are actively involved, so that the child becomes more excited to join in. Moreover, here are some positive impact that learning music brings.

Widen Social Circle

In the process of learning for example in music class, children will be invited to hang out and cooperate with fellow friends, some may be new people so that this can increase social and improve social life. The influence of parents in learning music can be done by incorporating children class music.


When the child has started to like music, he will no longer feel tired because practicing it would be a fun thing. The encouragement and influence of parents in learning music can give the spirit to the child to be more master of music and make him brave in the work. Not possible through the music he will be a successful person. The effects of fun that arise when playing music will make children feel happier, avoid the negative thoughts and easy in suppressing the level of stress experienced. Music becomes a kind of excellent therapy for children through a fun way but still there is a learning element that is obtained.


People who play music will be much healthier. Because the music consists of tone and rhythm that if appropriate with the heart rate will have a positive effect on health. Effects that make people can suppress the stress also helps the body stronger in the fight against various diseases, therefore the influence of parents in learning music is necessary not only for the parents, but also for their children so that one family can feel the positive benefits of music.