Dr. Chris Oyakhilome Brings in the year Right

Every time Dr. Chris Oyakhilome greets his congregation it is a special occasion, and it is something to witness no matter who or where you are. However, there is one night of the year when the spirit of majesty and righteousness just looms and permeates in the air. This is the night of December 31st, 2017.

And, it is certainly a night to remember for those who are fortunate enough to recall being in attendance personally as well as the countless viewers who wish that they were there. The details of this New Year’s Eve celebration deserve plenty of attention, because there are so many good moments involved. Something of as a precursor to the knight to come, the show opens with a praise in song, which flows something like the hymn “So we lift up our hand to praise your name”.

It surely makes for an awesome introduction for Dr. Chris Oyakhilome to be on stage. He has a lot to say in his own praise, as this pastor informs his flock to give a shout to the Lord, while shouting the praise “hallelujah” and making statements of glory to god. In following the advice of their pastor, it always take just a little bit of time to get this congregation to calm themselves. And, this event is especially no exception to the rule.

The year of 2017 is on record for being a good one for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his followers, all across the globe. They enjoy blessings from above to include overabundance in growth, gains across the board, and a spiritual productivity that can only be described as ever flowing. As a matter of fact, the number of “Rhapsody of Realities” printed reaches record numbers of more than one billion. This worldwide distribution is in more than 900 languages, and it serves as proof of the power of god.

These printed works are the perfect complement to the Loveword networks, which operate in the mediums of TV, internet and radio stations alike. But of course, the best work for the Lord happens through grass-roots ministry, and Dr. Chris Oyakhilome has quite the ministry to be proud of. It all starts with the work done for the children, in the form of the Inner-City Mission. It touches millions of lives. But, that is just on top of the Healing School. This school brings hope and joy to those it helps. Possibly, most impressive of all is the International School of Ministry aka the ISM.

Of course, all of this goodness can not be contained in just one place at one time. That is why not only do attendees to the New Year’s Eve celebration enjoy the festivities, but those with PCs, and other handheld devices do so as well. But, why shouldn’t there be a lot going on within this ministry. It fills this venue with a multitude of believers in numbers that are usually reserved for sporting events.

On top of all that, there are sure to be other headway and progresses made coming from this ministry, as attested by the Future African Leaders Awards (FALA). These leaders to be are ready to bring the world to its praying knee, by showing everyone they can the most genuine methods of prayer and praise. But, even they feel the Lord’s grace that Dr. Chris Oyakhilome commands.

This acknowledged grace is evident in his thanking the Lord for abundant gifts and mercies that are sure to outshine the previous year in 2018. This event is just proof of another record-breaking twelve months to come. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome knows that true service is about lifting the lives of others to new heights of performance and peace.