Why Choose Cotton Curtains?

There’s no doubt that curtains give any room in your home a ‘finished’ look which blinds and voiles cannot beat. That’s why in many households curtains are standard at most windows, providing an unbeatable combination of privacy and style.

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Choosing the right curtains is a serious business, as it involves thinking about not just colour and design but also material. There are many fabrics on offer, but some are too heavy or thin to be hung all year round, while others require specialist cleaning.

Overall, there is no curtain material which can beat the many benefits of cotton, and here are just a few of the reasons why.

The Range of Choice

Cotton is a flexible material which can be used in its natural state or dyed, be woven into a pattern or blended with other materials. Cotton poplin fabrics are a popular choice, with curtains available in pretty much every colour and design you could want being easily available from suppliers such as https://www.higgsandhiggs.com/fabrics/cotton-poplin-fabric-112cm/dots/micro-pin-dots-1mm.html.

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Cotton Is a Low-Maintenance Fabric

Cotton curtains are very easy to keep clean and fresh. Everyday odours from things like cooking disappear with a regular wash cycle, saving a fortune on dry cleaning bills. They can be washed repeatedly and as often as you like, as drying is fast and simple too. Cotton is known for being an easy-care fabric, so you can avoid the headache of trying to iron creased fabric.

Cotton Helps with Temperature Control

Cotton curtains work like magic to keep your rooms cool when the sun is shining fiercely into them but also warm when cold draughts try to work their way in. This is due to a natural insulation quality which man-made fabrics cannot replicate.

Cotton Curtains Are a Safer Choice

The last thing anyone wants to think about is having to deal with a house fire, but in that unlikely scenario cotton curtains are a much safer option than those made from man-made fabrics. Of course, cotton burns, but crucially it doesn’t melt when in contact with heat or stick to anything it is contact with while on fire. Being much less flammable than other options makes cotton a natural choice for house curtains.

Choosing to have cotton curtains at your windows is a wise and cost-effective decision. They combine timeless style with time-saving practicality.