Walking in the Light with Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor, Teacher, Healing Minister and Author. Those are just a few titles Pastor Chris is known to be. Having many gifts such as these, he has been able to reach a wide range of christians through his books, Healing Ministry and much more. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was born in Nigeria, which is located on the western coast of Africa. Since Pastor Chris grew up in Africa, he tends to speak to many different countries in the massive continent. Not only does he reach out to those living in Africa, he travels internationally to touch the lives of many. His mission is to spread the word on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has become a very well known name to many christians around the world. Having said, since becoming very popular in his teachings of the Lord, he created an organization called The Christ Embassy or also known as Believers’LoveWorld Inc. The Christ Embassy is a worldwide ministry that hosts millions of people that follow his teachings about Jesus Christ. He offers live events and videos through The Christ Embassy so he can reach a wide variety of people.

Chris Oyakhilome always has a huge event coming around the corner. The most recent event was taking place in Zimbabwe, which is another country apart of Africa. It was said 100,000 people have already registered for the event. The anticipation of the even was building up every second, people that were not even registered started to line up in the stadium to get ready for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. This event was known as a Global Church service, when Chris Oyakhilome was going to be presenting the country was going to broadcast the service on television. A lot of preparation went into this service, the stadium held up to 60,000 people to hear one person speak on Jesus Christ. Chris mentioned going into this event, that Zimbabwe is a very special country and the presence of the Lord is all over. Zimbabwe is the second country that has held an international church just behind the United Kingdom. Having these huge Global Church services brings many people together and each time it grows larger than it has before. Many christians look up to Pastor Chris because of his many ways of teaching. He is known for being a Healing Minister, which people interrupt as such that he has the power of the Lord to heal other from their suffering. Since many christians believe in his power very much, they felt blessed to hear that the Lord is strong in the country of Zimbabwe. He mentioned that he felt the spirit in this country and wants to reach as many people as he can with his teachings of the Lord. The Chris Embassy, which is based out of Nigeria, is reaching a wider demographic of people when creating events such as The Zimbabwe event. In the last three decades it has been said The Christ Embassy has been growing through their programming and will continue to grow.