Tips to consider in choosing the right flowers for Valentine’s Day

It is almost the end of January, and everybody knows what comes next! It will be February, the month of Love. In this month, lovers and couples are waiting to exchange gifts on the 14th of February. Usually, they exchange chocolates, stuffed teddy bears, cards and pictures but the most common gift that people, especially girls, receive are flowers.

Flowers are symbols of love and purity, and they are the sweetest gift that a guy could ever offer to his lady love. Here are some tips that can be considered especially in choosing the right flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Kind of Flower

The first thing that comes into the minds of many people is to give ROSES. However, there are so many other species of flowers to choose from. When you choose roses, just make sure that you choose the long stemmed ones because it defines their quality.

You can also choose tulips because they do not wither right away. However, a lot of experts advise giving tulips as a bouquet because it looks lonely when it is alone. You can start with ten tulips since it is quite a good number already. However, tulips are a little bit expensive.

There are also a lot of men who prefer to buy lilies because they are unique. If you choose this kind of flower, then you should go for a bouquet with roses because they stand out.

Personality and Style of the Receiver

The next thing that you have to consider is the personality of the person whom you are going to give the flowers to. Each flower has symbols and meanings. For instance, roses are for women who are strong while lilies are for women who are chic and are fashionable. Although, the thought of giving flowers does not require this, but sometimes this criterion is necessary.

Colors of the Flowers

Little do many people know, even the colors of the flowers have meanings. During Valentine’s Day, people usually give those flowers which are in red or pink because these colors symbolize love and passion. However, you can also give yellow flowers to your friends and white flowers to indicate that you are sincere. If you give a flower in orange color then it simply means that you have desires of this person.

Number of Flowers

In a flower arrangement, it is good to know that each number has its meaning just like three for I love you. But you should also consider that there are types of flowers which require a certain number of flowers so that they will look good.

In conclusion, choosing the right flowers for Valentine’s Day is not very difficult as long as you match it with the receiver’s personality and style, her preference on the colors and the type of flower itself. With regards to the color, you have to be extra careful because each color has its meaning. You might mistakenly give your lover a yellow flower which means friendship.