How to Boost Repeat Business for eCommerce Delivery Firms

Repeat customers represent a 23{63818cd32c806ac1d6b935f000d78181abb0f75422ec506607dabdb8340da0f1} contribution to overheads. New customers make up just 3.5{63818cd32c806ac1d6b935f000d78181abb0f75422ec506607dabdb8340da0f1}. How can eCommerce delivery companies boost repeat business? To get answers to your questions, just read the article below. Also, learn how you can get the best payment processing services if you’re interested in Secure Trading Ltd.



Tips to Boost Repeat Business for eCommerce Delivery Companies

Of course, you’re proud to have happy customers. That’s great, but it’s not loyalty. There should be a reason for your customers to come back. By the way, the time your customers are most likely to re-engage is 7-10 days after they’ve made a purchase.

Currently, 45.36 million eCommerce users are estimated in the UK. Additionally, 4.06 million users are projected to shop online by 2021. Four years from now, these 49.42 million eCommerce users are expected to spend 2,251.82 USD online (on average).

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Let’s discuss some steps you can take to boost repeat business:

  • Offer Excellent Customer Service

Deliver service that goes above and beyond. Exceed the expectations of your visitors. Based on the studies in the field, customer service is the most significant factor that makes customers trust your business online, return to your site, and even recommend your site to peers. Also, make it easy for your customers to reach you.

  • Build a Responsive Website

A responsive design helps your site render appropriately on any device or platform. Focus on the usability when customers access your site via mobile devices. Optimize your website for any device customers may be using.

  • Know Your Customers

Know your customers. Follow up with them appropriately. Your marketing tactics should be the reflection of individual purchasing patterns based on historical onsite behaviors.

  • Use a Special Document to Distribute

This can be a transactional document that contains receipt and returns information. Also, it can be personalized with product and category recommendations, loyalty schemes and offers. Consider printing it and delivering with the goods. It can be can in any language. You can scan it and send out with all customer online orders. This will help you boost sales from existing customers.

  • Use Subscription Delivery Models

Consider subscription delivery models. Customers can be kept for a year because of the subscription payment they’ve made.

Focus on your customers and their needs in all your initiatives. Take the right steps to connect with and engage your customers online. Use the right tactics to boost repeat business.


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