How To Maintain Your Look On A Night Out

When you’re having fun on a night out, perfect makeup can very quickly turn into a bad impression of Heath Ledger’s joker. But, there are ways for this to be prevented. If you prepare the right way and think ahead, you can maintain you amazing look for the whole night, even if you decide to dance until morning.

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Keep your skin hydrated but also oil free

Before you apply any of your makeup, make sure that you exfoliate your skin and moisturise. If your face is covered in dead skin cells and dry skin then your makeup is going to flake off very quickly. What you need is a flat, healthy canvas to work on top and a little bit of primer will do wonders to keep your foundation sticking.

Less is more

The less makeup you wear, the less there is to smudge. So, instead of opting for your normally body and heavy look, try a lighter look. Stick to a little bit of concealer and powder to keep your face smudge free and also spot free. Powder based blushes and bronzers will also last a lot longer and when it comes to eyeliner liquid is the way to go. When it comes to lips, applying and blotting several times with your lipstick will help the colour stay, but if you’re hoping to make makeup smudges and fading less noticeable then opt for a more natural colour. At least that way it’ll be less noticeable when it starts to fade and a lot less likely to stain any white clothes.

Bring a few supplies

If you’re absolutely determined to stay gorgeous throughout the whole night then there’s no harm in bringing a few supplies in your bag. You don’t need anything fancy. In a tiny makeup bag bring along some spare makeup essentials, some deodorant and a little dry shampoo. Your phone is also useful for a lot more than just playing online casino slots. If you can’t find a mirror you can use your phone screen and camera to keep an eye on your makeup.

If you want some heavy duty supplies for a long night then baby wipes and hairbands will come in great handy. Wipe away any smudged makeup and fix your hair in a mess up do to effortless revitalise your look and keep your hair off of your neck where you might be sweating.

Avoid light colours and dresses that are too tight/thick

Black is everyone’s saving grace when it comes to a crazy night out. During the evening accidents are bound to happen. Drinks and food will be spilled and something that definitely doesn’t compliment an outfit is a bright red wine stain. Sweating as well is also something to avoid. If you know that you’re going somewhere crowded and warm then opt for clothes that are a bit more breathable, both for you and your skin. If you stick to thinner, floatier fabrics you’ll be less likely to sweat and form noticeable stains. You’ll also be a lot more comfortable.