Essential Tools for a Fledging Independent Business

This is a story about the best computer hardware and software specialist I know.  He maintains the computer systems at several major corporations’ home offices in the city, and on his own also provides service to few small local businesses.  He only does work for businesses; the only reason he takes care of my personal system is because we’ve been friends for many years.

He has this much work because of his reputation and because of word-of-mouth, since he does no advertising.  However, he does have a website; he designed it as something to do in his spare time.  Last year I finally convinced this to have some business cards designed and printed by Vistaprint.  I showed him their webpage and he saw some of the masterpieces they put out for other business owners.  At first his attitude was as if he didn’t really need business cards, but I finally convinced him that I was getting tired of writing his name and cell number down every time somebody asked me about his service.  I also told him there were many prospective customers looking for some reliable computer service and support, and he was the only one around town who could provide it.  My other reason for encouraging him to do this is the fact that numerous computer providers find themselves working with systems they don’t really understand or are able to use.  One of my friend’s best qualities is the fact that he can explain what he is doing to the user.  There are some who don’t really want to know the details, but I find that many like to understand the “whys” behind their computer’s performance.

At any rate, I took advantage of my own experience to get him to buy a supply of business cards; and I sent in his order using a Groupon promo code to get them for a discount of up to 60{63818cd32c806ac1d6b935f000d78181abb0f75422ec506607dabdb8340da0f1} off.  I also ordered some special Season’s Greetings business cards to send to all my personal clients, and I had Vistaprint make up some calendars with my business name on them.  When my friend sees the calendars, he’ll want to get similar ones for his business, they are the perfect thing to remind regular clients who they can call upon for their assistance.