Emojis we need for Ladies Day at the Grand National

While the tradition of Ladies Day has continued ever since the first occasion at Ascot, modern events like the ones held at the Grand National 2018 have evolved into being a day of glitz, glamour and letting everyone see your unique style! Throughout the years the fashion and style of attendees has changed dramatically with the day itself now being ear-marked as the “fun-day” with this being the day where dressing up is expected. Unlike at Ascot, the Grand National Ladies Day doesn’t ‘technically’ have a dress code but you’re not likely to get in if you rock up in a potato sack or a tracksuit. It’s generally expected you’ll wear a hat and a dress but it can be as garish, outlandish and flat out stylish as you want! The old days of frocks and petticoats is gone and these days high heels and slim little numbers are just as common as traditional dress. One major modern advancement is still lagging behind though, while there’s a hashtag for the day there aren’t really suitable emojis! Not to worry, we have a few great examples to show you!