Dressing Up To Party Until Dawn In 3 Easy Steps

Partying until dawn is usually a young person’s game, but if you’ve got a group of very dear friends, there is no reason why you shouldn’t hit the town and have the time of your life. Setting aside your BBW online dating habits for a moment and focusing on what you should wear as you create new, everlasting memories with your inner circle, how about we go over some pretty feasible ideas that you can pull off on any given day when it comes to dressing to impress?

1.     Comfortable Footwear

Do boys like flat shoes? No. There’s a straight answer for you to a straight question. However, do boys like to see girls who can barely move through the crowd to get to the bar? Not really.

Mind you, the idea behind our fashion tips is to make you feel as comfortable in your own skin as possible, which will increase your confidence and ensure you have a great time with your friends, turning more than a few heads in the process. Should you wear heels to dance in all night long? Sure, provided you have a comfortable pair that you’ll be able to walk in after a few hours.

You want to bust a move on the dance floor, relax, and not worry about arch pain. If you don’t own such a pair for this season, go with your funkiest and sexiest pair of flats that are not going to interfere with your partying.


2.     Asset-Revealing Clothing

Mind you, asset-revealing clothing doesn’t mean you should wear anything that’s going to make you look cheap, trashy or uncomfortable in any way. If you like to show off your bust line by all means, do it in a revealing top, shirt or dress that’s not going to have the men line up with cash in their hands, but will interest them to find out more.

If you like your legs, heels are pretty much a must as long as the skirt or the dress covers just enough to allow you to dance the night away. If you’re proud of your behind, there is no better choice than a pair of skinny jeans or tight faux leather pants. Again, a pair of strappy sandals or knee-high boots in the winter would accentuate your butt, but only if they don’t glue you to your seat after a mere 45 minutes on the dance floor.


3.     Killer Accessories

Accessories really do make any outfit, and you can wear anything that’s going to put a little spring in your step. Don’t worry about mixing and matching because fashion is all about the expression of how you feel at the moment, and if you want to do a chunky necklace and hoop earrings, so be it.

Wear rings even if you’re not engaged, large bangles or discreet bracelets, faux fur, fishnet stockings, tall boots, and don’t forget to top it all off with sexy hair and makeup. Go for bold eyes and shiny hair, which is ultimately your most important accessory, let it run wild and don’t forget to smile!