Designer Brands Enter the Smartwatch Arena

Smart watches have become a huge market in the past few years, mainly driven by the amazing increases in technology within the chip making industry. This in turn has meant that the smart watch has become what it always wanted to be, a sleek, well designed piece of technology that still looks like a watch but contains all kinds of digital tech that makes your life easier and more connected.

With this new tech and design-led approach, lots of new companies have seen the potential in the smart watch, not so much as a geeky device to tell people how much you love your tech, but as a fashion item. They see companies like Samsung and Garmin designing ever more stylish watches and think ‘we should be in this market as well!’

As such, the smart watch is now a designer object, and that in turn opens up the market to a whole swath of new people that would have previously never considered it. Brands like Armani and Tommy Hilfiger watches would have never been able to attract the digital savvy customer previously, but with a whole range of branded digital tech they can reach out further than before.

This is helped even more by the new styles of ‘hybrid’ watches that look very similar to a traditional watch, with physical hands, dial and bezel, yet with digital technology hidden underneath. People who might not like the full digital look of one smartwatch might love the connected nature and analogue look of a hybrid, and vice versa.

With fantastic off the shelf solutions for the software side from Google and their Android Wear range, it’s easier than ever for a design house to come up with a lovely looking casing, put some digital tech inside, brand it with their logo and release a very acceptable smart watch. The age of digital technology and wearable tech has been here for a while, but are we getting close to both form and function combining to make a product that both looks great and works really well? The new range of designer smart watches would say yes.