Essential Tools for a Fledging Independent Business

This is a story about the best computer hardware and software specialist I know.  He maintains the computer systems at several major corporations’ home offices in the city, and on his own also provides service to few small local businesses.  He only does work for businesses; the only reason he takes care of my personal system is because we’ve been friends for many years.

He has this much work because of his reputation and because of word-of-mouth, since he does no advertising.  However, he does have a website; he designed it as something to do in his spare time.  Last year I finally convinced this to have some business cards designed and printed by Vistaprint.  I showed him their webpage and he saw some of the masterpieces they put out for other business owners.  At first his attitude was as if he didn’t really need business cards, but I finally convinced him that I was getting tired of writing his name and cell number down every time somebody asked me about his service.  I also told him there were many prospective customers looking for some reliable computer service and support, and he was the only one around town who could provide it.  My other reason for encouraging him to do this is the fact that numerous computer providers find themselves working with systems they don’t really understand or are able to use.  One of my friend’s best qualities is the fact that he can explain what he is doing to the user.  There are some who don’t really want to know the details, but I find that many like to understand the “whys” behind their computer’s performance.

At any rate, I took advantage of my own experience to get him to buy a supply of business cards; and I sent in his order using a Groupon promo code to get them for a discount of up to 60{63818cd32c806ac1d6b935f000d78181abb0f75422ec506607dabdb8340da0f1} off.  I also ordered some special Season’s Greetings business cards to send to all my personal clients, and I had Vistaprint make up some calendars with my business name on them.  When my friend sees the calendars, he’ll want to get similar ones for his business, they are the perfect thing to remind regular clients who they can call upon for their assistance.

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Advantages of Attending Business School Online

The job market for people without practical skill-sets has been shrinking for over a decade; that being the case, students are earning degrees in business administration and returning to school for MBAs in record numbers. People in the market for a practical degree needn’t look any further than an accredited business school. However, there are a number of tribulations involved with attending a traditional business school – high costs and inflexible class schedules chief among them. As such, a growing number of students are going the online route. Anyone on the fence about earning a business degree over the web should give some thought to the following advantages.

You’re Free to Continue Working

Earning a business degree can be a fulltime job in and of itself, particularly for students at traditional universities. In addition to cutting into your leisure time, taking part in a traditional degree program can severely impair your ability to continue working. Many business majors barely have time for a part-time position, much less a fulltime one. If your financial situation dictates that you continue working while earning your degree, it’s strongly recommended that you look into online schooling. Being able to attend lectures and complete coursework at one’s leisure is a tremendous boon to students who are members of the workforce. If you want more information on how to succeed in business school, head over to Caroline.

Freedom from In-Fighting

As any MBA holder can attest, things can get uncomfortably competitive at traditional business schools. While some may argue that all the in-fighting and competition for high marks helps prepare students for the working world, many people simply find it unpleasant and off-putting. Since earning a degree online removes students from such an environment, it’s the perfect option for anyone who wishes to focus on their studies without feeling like they’re in constant competition with their classmates.

Ample Time to Process the Material

Certain business courses – particularly those associated with MBA programs – deal with highly complex material. Unfortunately, when attending traditional business schools, students don’t always have time to process the coursework before moving onto the next lesson. On the flipside, many online degree programs allow students to learn at their own pace, ensuring that they have ample time to let difficult material sink in.

A bachelor’s degree in business administration or a full-blown MBA will do you a world of good in the current job market. Additionally, when shopping around for the right program, it’s important to realize that you have options. If the various headaches associated with brick-and-mortar business schools are too much for you, why not earn your degree online? Having the freedom to continue working, getting away from competitive classmates and being able to process lessons at a comfortable pace are just a few of the perks associated with online business schools.… Read More

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Why Choose Cotton Curtains?

There’s no doubt that curtains give any room in your home a ‘finished’ look which blinds and voiles cannot beat. That’s why in many households curtains are standard at most windows, providing an unbeatable combination of privacy and style.

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Choosing the right curtains is a serious business, as it involves thinking about not just colour and design but also material. There are many fabrics on offer, but some are too heavy or thin to be hung all year round, while others require specialist cleaning.

Overall, there is no curtain material which can beat the many benefits of cotton, and here are just a few of the reasons why.

The Range of Choice

Cotton is a flexible material which can be used in its natural state or dyed, be woven into a pattern or blended with other materials. Cotton poplin fabrics are a popular choice, with curtains available in pretty much every colour and design you could want being easily available from suppliers such as

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Cotton Is a Low-Maintenance Fabric

Cotton curtains are very easy to keep clean and fresh. Everyday odours from things like cooking disappear with a regular wash cycle, saving a fortune on dry cleaning bills. They can be washed repeatedly and as often as you like, as drying is fast and simple too. Cotton is known for being an easy-care fabric, so you can avoid the headache of trying to iron creased fabric.

Cotton Helps with Temperature Control

Cotton curtains work like magic to keep your rooms cool when the sun is shining fiercely into them but also warm when cold draughts try to work their way in. This is due to a natural insulation quality which man-made fabrics cannot replicate.

Cotton Curtains Are a Safer Choice

The last thing anyone wants to think about is having to deal with a house fire, but in that unlikely scenario cotton curtains are a much safer option than those made from man-made fabrics. Of course, cotton burns, but crucially it doesn’t melt when in contact with heat or stick to anything it is contact with while on fire. Being much less flammable than other options makes cotton a natural choice for house curtains.

Choosing to have cotton curtains at your windows is a wise and cost-effective decision. They combine timeless style with time-saving practicality.… Read More

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Get Beautiful Skin with Fraxel Laser

The use of lasers in cosmetic medicine, especially in laser-assisted dermabrasion isn’t new. They’ve quickly gained recognition for their effectiveness but until 2004 were also known for being quite painful and requiring a long recovery.

All skin resurfacing treatments work on the same principle: they inflict controlled damage to the skin which stimulates its natural healing mechanism and causes it to re-grow healthy and unblemished.

Fraxel laser treatments with Dr Saras & Co is non-ablative and after several treatments produces benefits equal to those of ablative lasers without the risks, pain, and recovery time.

Here is what you need to know to appreciate the difference: full ablative lasers vaporise the top layer of skin — basically, destroy it — to stimulate the production of new, healthy skin.

The resulting injury is extensive, and the recovery from it is painful and long. Non-ablative lasers — such as Fraxel laser — bypass the top layer of the skin and super-heat its deeper layers which stimulate the skin to increase its collagen and elastin production.

There is no massive injury, as a matter fact most of the skin tissue remains undamaged after the treatment, and is, therefore, able to support the damaged skin in faster and much less painful healing. After the treatment, the skin’s texture and tone improves, and the skin becomes smoother and tauter.

What conditions can be addressed with Fraxel laser?

Fraxel laser effectively corrects sun damage, port-wine stains, brown spots, wrinkles and fine lines, chicken pox or surgical scars, stretch marks, and loss of skin’s elasticity due to ageing.

What areas can be treated by Fraxel laser?

Since this particular laser is very precise, it can be used on the face as well as neck, chest, decolletage and hands.

How soon to expect improvement?

The change in the skin’s softness and texture is apparent almost immediately, and results improve with time.

How many treatments are necessary for optimal results?

Because Fraxel laser is much gentler than other kinds of lasers used for cosmetic purposes, the treatment needs to be repeated 4-6 times (about a few weeks apart) to reach the best possible outcome.

How does Fraxel laser work?

By super-heating deeper layers of the skin, it stimulates collagen and elastin production which regenerates the skin and restores its smoothness and elasticity. Unlike ablative lasers which only improve the outer layer of the skin, Fraxel which is non-ablative improves the quality and texture of the skin on a deeper level which produces powerful re-texturing and rejuvenating effect, not limited to the surface of the skin.

If your concern is getting rid of blemishes or scars, by working from the inside out Fraxel laser increases the rate of the skin’s renewal: the blemished skin will gradually peel off and be replaced by a new and blemish-free skin.

If your focus is on rejuvenation: the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin decreases with age causing the skin to sag. That’s why eliminating signs of ageing isn’t merely a matter of removing … Read More

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Enhance Your Natural Smile with Lip augmentation

Dermatologists use injectables to add volume to lips and soften signs of ageing around the mouth. Reading someone’s lips isn’t always easy, and trying to determine if someone has had a little work done on them is even harder — thanks to the art and science of lip augmentation.

Dermatologists now use an injectable hyaluronic acid filler to add volume to the lips and minimise the fine lines and signs of ageing around the mouth, enhancing the natural smile.

Adding Fullness to the Lips

  • Lip augmentation is a procedure in which hyaluronic acid is injected into the lips to enlarge them and is best suited for patients who want to subtly change the shape and appearance of their lips.

  • It’s recommended to avoid overdoing the procedure, as results will look more natural if less filler is used. For that reason, most dermatologists are conservative with the amount of filler used in the first injection. In some cases, a second dose may be needed for optimal results.

  • On average, results typically last six months or longer.

  • Patients need to have realistic expectations.

Improving Age-Related Changes to Lips and Mouth Area

  • Initially approved by the FDA for the treatment of moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles, hyaluronic acid has been used successfully for years to minimise the signs of ageing around the mouth.

  • Common signs of ageing include a decrease in the structural components, or scaffolding around the corners of the mouth. Exposure to the sun, smoking and time accelerate ageing result in drooping, a decrease in volume, and/or lip lines which extend onto the skin above and below the border of the lip.

  • In addition to filling in depressed areas or lines around the mouth, hyaluronic acid fillers also stimulate collagen production.

  • Lip augmentation is not recommended for individuals with deep wrinkles or severe sun because the results will not be as dramatic as in a person with more moderate signs of ageing.

  • On average, results typically last six months or longer.

Discuss Possible Side Effects With Your Dermatologist

Lip augmentation can cause bruising, swelling and discomfort following the procedure. While bruising often can be covered with makeup, a pulsed-dye vascular laser can be used to fade bruising quickly. Swelling usually resolves within a few days, and dermatologists recommend sleeping with an extra pillow to keep the head elevated. Acetaminophen can be used for pain.

In rare cases, severe swelling can occur that would require the use of an oral medication, such as prednisone. If a patient’s skin is easily irritated and has a history of cold sores, the procedure may cause a flare up and require the use of anti-viral medications.

Patients who are allergic to any hyaluronic acid products, those with a history of severe or multiple allergies, and those with bleeding disorders or who are on blood thinners or aspirin therapy are not appropriate candidates for lip augmentation. For more information on lip augmentation visit More

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