6 Tips for Body Care for Teenage Women that are Simple and Easy for You to Do

Teenagers are a time when we are exciting again to try new things. So many activities carried out by teenage women make the body have to receive good care. Doing body care for adolescent women must be done properly and correctly because unstable hormones will make teenage women vulnerable to problems with the skin and body. Hormones that have not been stable in adolescent women sometimes make teens have to be selective in treating body and facial skin so as not to cause problems later on.
Simple Teenage Body Care
Performing body and facial skin care can be done by teenage women with a simple, good and right. For that, on this occasion, we will discuss about the simple and easy care of teenage female bodies. For more details, see the review below.

1. Perform Hair Care
Solid activities make teenagers sweat, the sweaty body of course affects not only the skin but also affects the hair. Doing hair care for adolescents can use shampoos, choose shampoos that are good for hair and after shampooing use a questionnaire so that the hair stays moist even though it is often exposed to sunlight.

2. Do Face Care
For teenagers doing facial treatments is very important, hormones that are not stable yet make teenage women vulnerable to acne. At the end of the teenager will often sweat and oil on the face that is excess. As for things that you have to do like:
• Using Facial Cleansing Soap
Using facial cleansing soap can be one way to do facial treatments for teenage women. But what you need to pay attention to is to use the right facial cleansing soap or natural ingredients because using the right facial cleansing soap will minimize the effects of the facial cleansing soap.
• Using Face Masks
The dirt that is stuck on the face and the excess oil on the face can be overcome with you doing facial treatment. Using a face mask that can reduce oil on the face is very good for you to do. With you reducing oil on the face that is indirectly excess you can protect your face from acne.
• Avoid Cosmetic Makeup
Facial skin in adolescence is still very sensitive, with you often using makeup in the activity to make your face vulnerable to skin problems on the face like zits. By avoiding makeup cosmetics you can minimize acne on your face.

3. Perform Skin Care
The number of outdoor activities carried out by teenagers, making the skin vulnerable to exposure to sunlight. Skin that is often exposed to sunlight makes our skin dry and turn brown. As for skin care you have to do like.
• Use Lotion
Using lotions when doing activities can be one way to do skin care. By using skin lotions you can be protected from the dangers of sunlight and can also moisturize the skin.
• Using Body Scrub
After a day of solid activities, it’s good for teens to use scrubs
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4 Ways to Become an Attractive Woman Who Is Hard to Reject Men

Maybe you have found someone you think is interesting, but you can’t take a step further to approach it. Thomas Edward, founder and CEO of The Wingman Professional, provides shy men and women with professional services by teaching how to be more charming, seductive, and learn about first date rules and so on. Edward provides the following crash course to make it easier for you to find a partner, as quoted from Your Tango:

1. Pay attention to the body
Body language is a classic element to attract someone’s attention. No matter how neatly you are without blemish, all of your expensive perfumes may be in vain if you can’t master the art of smiling, body position, and light touch. women to straighten and cross your legs and emphasize whatever you say with a light touch on the knee. Touching strengthens whatever you say and fortunately, less active behavior will make a man feel uncomfortable

2. Learn how to tease
Edward assures that teasing is a dynamic attractive way in the early days of dating that leads you to a lasting love relationship. This method is a mixture of praise, teasing, and touching the most effective. Taking out a joke about your partner will prefix in the conversation, add a tempting impression by winking or twisting your hair. Make sure your jokes aren’t too lustful.

3. Listen and remember
This is very important, after you have talked to:
a) remember the name,
b) bring up something he said in the conversation later.

Make a collaborative conversation, not just stop by just listening to one of you speak. if men have insecurity as we have. If a man says something strange, keeps smiling and keeps the conversation interesting.

4. Want a kiss?
Learn the “triangle” technique: If the time is right and you already know enough, take a moment to practice “triangle”. First remove the sign from your face, position your body close to it, and lift your head. Look sharply at his eyes from left to right then down to his lips. Repeat until he gets the instructions, and if not, take the initiative to do it first.Read More

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Top 3 Fashion Tips To Make His Head Spin

So, you’ve got a new man in your life thanks to your little local dating endeavor and you can’t wait to see how this story unfolds, and since you’re not the type to just sit around and wait for stuff to happen, you want to take matters into your own heads and give him just a little push in the right direction. What better way for a girl to make a cute guy’s head spin than by dressing to impress.

Mind you, you’d not only be choosing your outfit based on the occasion, but you also want to take into account the message you’re sending, and the kind of response you’re hoping to get. Today, we suggest the top 3 choices for playing the cute girl-next-door part that guys just can’t get enough of.

1.     Effortlessly Sexy

There is nothing sexier to a guy than a girl with her hair up wearing his t-shirt the morning after. But before you get to the ‘morning after’ stage, you still have some wrapping around your little finger to do. Kudos to all the bombshells that are every guy’s fantasy, but when it comes to reality most guys can’t resist a cutie, hence the up-do and a t-shirt.

We’re not saying you should go out with him wearing your baggy clothes paired with messy hair, but keep this image in mind when choosing what to wear. First off, it needs to be effortlessly sexy, and that means no heels you can’t walk in, tight skirts you’d be pulling down all night or hair that would make you fidget.

Choose an outfit you’ve got so many compliments on before even if it’s just jeans and a top that accentuates your slim figure. Style your hair so that it doesn’t ‘betray you’, and stays the way you want it for hours, and do natural-looking makeup. You’ve dolled up and you’ll feel sexy, but you won’t come off as trying too hard.


2.     Dresses Turn Heads

There is not a single item of clothing that is more romantic or sexier for that matter than a dress. From a sundress to the little black number, you show how much you care for your man by wearing a dress for him.

It’s sensual, girly, and adorable all at the same time, and it makes you act more composed and tactful. If you’re feeling sexy, pair your dress with comfortable heels and a sleek, high ponytail or if you want to play it cute, stick to wavy hair and a few accessories. Go for silky and flowy fabrics for daytime and more structures shapes and sexier black or white numbers for the evening.


3.     Have Your Own Style

Whatever you do, don’t go through his Facebook or Instagram searching for his ex-girlfriends or crushes, and what they looked and dressed like. Be yourself and let your personality shine through your outfit.

Although 9 out of 10 boys say high heels are much sexier than flat shoes, … Read More

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