Emojis we need for Ladies Day at the Grand National

While the tradition of Ladies Day has continued ever since the first occasion at Ascot, modern events like the ones held at the Grand National 2018 have evolved into being a day of glitz, glamour and letting everyone see your unique style! Throughout the years the fashion and style of attendees has changed dramatically with the day itself now being ear-marked as the “fun-day” with this being the day where dressing up is expected. Unlike at Ascot, the Grand National Ladies Day doesn’t ‘technically’ have a dress code but you’re not likely to get in if you rock up in a potato sack or a tracksuit. It’s generally expected you’ll wear a hat and a dress but it can be as garish, outlandish and flat out stylish as you want! The old days of frocks and petticoats is gone and these days high heels and slim little numbers are just as common as traditional dress. One major modern advancement is still lagging behind though, while there’s a hashtag for the day there aren’t really suitable emojis! Not to worry, we have a few great examples to show you!



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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: Sharing the Word of God

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is one of the most influential Christian pastors in the world today. He hails from the Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated, and he has been traveling around the world to spread the word of God. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome believes that everyone must hear the word of salvation from the Bible for many souls to be saved. Aside from doing missionary works, he is also active in uploading his sermons in different kinds of platforms, like the internet through their website, and the television to reach a wide number of audiences. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome believes that through broadcasting his sermons about the grace of God, many people will come to the Lord and be saved.



One of the recent innovations with LoveWorld is the creation of their channel and its shift to Verizon. The channel, named LoveWorld USA TV, is now being moved to Verizon and they can be watched by their audiences starting March 1, 2018. Everyone is invited to watch the broadcast, and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome wishes the people who would watch their channel not to miss out its first day of programming. According to the beloved pastor, Christians from all over the country would enjoy the large Christian content that the channel offers. There is also a lot of programs that would touch the hearts of unbelievers, and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome prays that they would be able to accept the gift of salvation from Jesus Christ just by watching the programs that will be aired through the channel. A variety of programs with LoveWorld USA TV exists, and it includes TV shows for children and teenagers, church sermons, and other things that are related to Christianity. Aside from the regular programming, the sermons of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn will be uploaded to the channel, so that people can watch them over and over again. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome guarantees that those who will be listening to their sermons and words of wisdom will feel fewer burdens, and will experience the love of God.

After the move, Verizon assures the audience of LoveWorld USA TV that their beloved shows from the network will stay. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is also stating that more programs would be included in their programming list, now that they have been transferred to Verizon. He promises that these programs will be available to every viewer, regardless of their schedule. Some of the shows that will still be aired after the transfer are: Jentezen Franklin, Karen Wheaton, Kenneth Copeland, Marilyn Hicky, and many others. They will continue to bless the viewers with their powerful messages to the people, and they will continue to touch the hearts of those who seek the voice of God.

Aside from the transfer of LoveWorld USA TV to Verizon, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome revealed that they would also release a mobile app, entitled KingsChat. This mobile app will provide news and information to the audience of LoveWorld USA TV, guiding them through the changes being made in … Read More

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How to Boost Repeat Business for eCommerce Delivery Firms

Repeat customers represent a 23{63818cd32c806ac1d6b935f000d78181abb0f75422ec506607dabdb8340da0f1} contribution to overheads. New customers make up just 3.5{63818cd32c806ac1d6b935f000d78181abb0f75422ec506607dabdb8340da0f1}. How can eCommerce delivery companies boost repeat business? To get answers to your questions, just read the article below. Also, learn how you can get the best payment processing services if you’re interested in Secure Trading Ltd.



Tips to Boost Repeat Business for eCommerce Delivery Companies

Of course, you’re proud to have happy customers. That’s great, but it’s not loyalty. There should be a reason for your customers to come back. By the way, the time your customers are most likely to re-engage is 7-10 days after they’ve made a purchase.

Currently, 45.36 million eCommerce users are estimated in the UK. Additionally, 4.06 million users are projected to shop online by 2021. Four years from now, these 49.42 million eCommerce users are expected to spend 2,251.82 USD online (on average).

Are you doing a business in the UK and looking for the most secure and reliable payment processing services and secure gateways? Turn to a payment expert in the UK to get the best deal. With a true professional in the field, you can get free consultations, contract reviews, as well as the best comparison of rates and fees. A reputable payment specialist will offer you the most honest snapshot of the company at the time of writing.

Let’s discuss some steps you can take to boost repeat business:

  • Offer Excellent Customer Service

Deliver service that goes above and beyond. Exceed the expectations of your visitors. Based on the studies in the field, customer service is the most significant factor that makes customers trust your business online, return to your site, and even recommend your site to peers. Also, make it easy for your customers to reach you.

  • Build a Responsive Website

A responsive design helps your site render appropriately on any device or platform. Focus on the usability when customers access your site via mobile devices. Optimize your website for any device customers may be using.

  • Know Your Customers

Know your customers. Follow up with them appropriately. Your marketing tactics should be the reflection of individual purchasing patterns based on historical onsite behaviors.

  • Use a Special Document to Distribute

This can be a transactional document that contains receipt and returns information. Also, it can be personalized with product and category recommendations, loyalty schemes and offers. Consider printing it and delivering with the goods. It can be can in any language. You can scan it and send out with all customer online orders. This will help you boost sales from existing customers.

  • Use Subscription Delivery Models

Consider subscription delivery models. Customers can be kept for a year because of the subscription payment they’ve made.

Focus on your customers and their needs in all your initiatives. Take the right steps to connect with and engage your customers online. Use the right tactics to boost repeat business.


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Dr. Chris Oyakhilome Brings in the year Right

Every time Dr. Chris Oyakhilome greets his congregation it is a special occasion, and it is something to witness no matter who or where you are. However, there is one night of the year when the spirit of majesty and righteousness just looms and permeates in the air. This is the night of December 31st, 2017.

And, it is certainly a night to remember for those who are fortunate enough to recall being in attendance personally as well as the countless viewers who wish that they were there. The details of this New Year’s Eve celebration deserve plenty of attention, because there are so many good moments involved. Something of as a precursor to the knight to come, the show opens with a praise in song, which flows something like the hymn “So we lift up our hand to praise your name”.

It surely makes for an awesome introduction for Dr. Chris Oyakhilome to be on stage. He has a lot to say in his own praise, as this pastor informs his flock to give a shout to the Lord, while shouting the praise “hallelujah” and making statements of glory to god. In following the advice of their pastor, it always take just a little bit of time to get this congregation to calm themselves. And, this event is especially no exception to the rule.

The year of 2017 is on record for being a good one for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his followers, all across the globe. They enjoy blessings from above to include overabundance in growth, gains across the board, and a spiritual productivity that can only be described as ever flowing. As a matter of fact, the number of “Rhapsody of Realities” printed reaches record numbers of more than one billion. This worldwide distribution is in more than 900 languages, and it serves as proof of the power of god.

These printed works are the perfect complement to the Loveword networks, which operate in the mediums of TV, internet and radio stations alike. But of course, the best work for the Lord happens through grass-roots ministry, and Dr. Chris Oyakhilome has quite the ministry to be proud of. It all starts with the work done for the children, in the form of the Inner-City Mission. It touches millions of lives. But, that is just on top of the Healing School. This school brings hope and joy to those it helps. Possibly, most impressive of all is the International School of Ministry aka the ISM.

Of course, all of this goodness can not be contained in just one place at one time. That is why not only do attendees to the New Year’s Eve celebration enjoy the festivities, but those with PCs, and other handheld devices do so as well. But, why shouldn’t there be a lot going on within this ministry. It fills this venue with a multitude of believers in numbers that are usually reserved for sporting events.

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What You Should Know About Zippers

Whether you are buying one zipper or in bulk, it is important to consider the following tips. This will enable you to get the exact zipper you are looking for. In addition, you will also get high-quality custom zippers that will last for a long period of time.

Important info you should know about buying zippers

  • Consider the company from which you are buying and if they offer online services. As you may be aware, buying online makes your work easier. In most cases, the companies do not charge for shipping. Zipper Shipper is one of the best zippers and sewing supplies companies. If you need one zipper or bulk zippers, you will get them from Zipper Shipper at an affordable rate. If you want to buy zippers wholesale online, zipper shipper also offers that option.
  • The type of zipper is also important. For garments that require heavy duty zippers, you will easily get them here.
  • Cost of zippers. When you compare various suppliers, you will identify the best supplier who offers their products at an affordable rate. Zipper Shipper is one of the most popular zipper and sewing materials supplier. In fact for custom zippers, contact them and you will not be disappointed. Zipper Shipper deals with various types of zippers. You will find the zipper you are looking for here at Zipper Shipper Sewing Supplies.

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